Bavaria is a country of high plateaus and medium-sized mountains. In the north are basalt knolls and high plateaus; in the northwest are the wooded sandstone hills of the Spessart. The northwest is drained by the Main River, which flows into the Rhine. To the southeast the topography varies from the stratified land formations of Swabia-Franconia to shell limestone and red marl, the hill country of the Franconian-Rednitz Basin, and the limestone mountains of the Franconian Jura along the Danube, which divides Bavaria north and south.

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Nuremberg Metro Map

Nuremberg Metro Map – U1, U2, U3 Stations List: Hardhöhe Klinikum Stadthalle Rathaus Fürth Hauptbahnhof Jakobinenstraße Stadtgrenze Muggenhof Eberhardshof Maximilianstraße Bärenschanze Gostenhof Plärrer Weißer Turm Lorenzkirche Hauptbahnhof Nuremberg Aufseßplatz Maffeiplatz Frankenstraße Hasenbuck Bauernfeindstraße Messe Langwasser Nord Scharfreiterring Langwasser Mitte Gemeinschaftshaus Langwasser Süd Stations List: Röthenbach Hohe Marter Schweinau St. Leonhard Rothenburger Straße Plärrer Opernhaus Hauptbahnhof […]

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Nuremberg City Map for Tourists

Nuremberg City Map – Nuremberg old town 66 – Vestnertorgraben is a street where they say that you can find every single thing you want. Besides parking spaces and restaurants for every taste, you can also find restful places where you can stay. ATM machines are on every corner so if need of cash quick, […]

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