Nuremberg Parks

Nuremberg Parks

Hesperiden Gardens

Johannisstr. 47
Geöffnet: Apr. – Okt. 8 – 20 Uhr Opening hours: Apr. – Oct. 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Several prestigious, contiguous public parks that were created as flower gardens by rich patricians during the Renaissance. An ideal place to relax when the weather is good.
In the middle ages, this, and many other parks were just for the richest families, but after some time, noblemen of the town made them available for the rest of the population.
Having this park as a model, many of the rich families, made their own little parks, all around the ‘Iner City Walls’, with southern plants that require a lot of care, mainly in winter times.
Just a glance at it, and you can clearly see that a lot of work is done almost every day, for this park to look this great. Leafy fences, on a sunny day, make a perfect shade, and below are benches, so you can relax and enjoy the view of this elegant garden. It almost always looks like something in the picture.
After a long walk, there is a cozy cafe, where you can refresh and still enjoy this park, which looks like something from a fairytale.

Wöhrder Wiese

Nuremberg Parks :

The largest and most popular recreation area on the eastern edge of the old town is located by the artificial Wöhrder Lake. A wide variety of free time activities are available to residents of Nuremberg and tourists, including boat hire, a beer garden and large areas for sunbathing. For this town, where everything is popular, or it’s a national treasure, taking 5 minutes to walk to the Wöhrder Meadow is a pretty short time to get to the great leafy place, with wildflowers, and great Wöhrder Lake, which has a lot to offer.
The main thing about this lake was that it protects the town from flooding from the river, so if the rain overfloods the river, the remaining water goes into the lake, instead of drowning the town. One more measure that not only enriches the town with its view but also with good planning, saving the town whenever the rain comes. A great solution that works.
Here, you can rent a boat or a bike, you can enjoy the sun in summer, and wild ducks, just before they go for the winter.


Auf dem ehemaligen Reichsparteitagsgelände
In addition to the large and small Dutzendteich (ponds), there are two more artificial ponds on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Beer gardens, boat hire and large grassy areas are all part of the largest recreational area of the City of Nuremberg.
The famous lake in the middle of the town is the best thing that could happen to the big city like this. Around the lake is a great green lawn where anyone can relax, a sandy place near the lake. You will be amazed by the lot of activities that you can do here.
From hiring the pedal boat, or just want to cool your feet in the warmth of summer, you can be sure that you will enjoy every minute spent here.
For the people who live in town, this is the place to be, if you want to see and be seen, and in the evening, there is a nice place where you can have a great meal or just chill out with a glass of beer.
Even though it’s not allowed to swim in the lake, it is a pretty great feeling, looking at the ducks, or beautiful swans, that make this place look even better.
The main route through the whole park is about 6 hours, and that is just by walking, so, if you are looking for something shorter, there is a 3-hour route, but luckily, there are more than enough benches around the park, so your route can last as long as you wish for.
Either way, if you decide to spend your time in this town outside, this would be one of the best places you can be.


( Nuremberg Parks ) – Am Stadtpark
For a long time, the Stadtpark (city park) was an unused pasture.
It was laid out in the style of an English garden in the mid 18th Century. Today the Stadtpark is perfect for strolling and relaxation.
From those days until 1882. it was being named The Maxfeld, which was really a name of the part of the town. For a short time, it was a place for the Synagogue, but soon came the war, and that idea was not an option anymore. War has demolished not only buildings in this town, but the parks, also. After 1945. town park had to be planned and erected one more time.
Now, spread over 19 hectares of greenery, it was designed and reopened again in 1959. implementing all the best features, which town was used to be before the devastation.
Today, with a Roze hill, and the restaurant, it is one of beauties places to relax, have lunch, or simply get out of the office, and enjoy your break time.


( Nuremberg Parks ) – Am Tiergarten 30
Opening hours; Mar. – Oct. 8 a.m. – 7.30 p.m., in winter 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
There are approximately 360 species of animals in Nuremberg Zoo. The main attractions are the dolphinarium, the open-air gorilla enclosure and the tropical house.
The Zoo is founded in 1912. and it worked for a short period of time until The Nazi party rally ground needed their ground, and the Zoo was officially closed in 1939.
During WW II it was ruined to the ground, and nothing was left to rebuild. After the war, in the middle of 1950., it was rebuilt again to become a real attraction.
It grew bit by bit and it became what it is today. A place to enjoy and educate yourself about natures most beautiful creatures.
The Zoo itself is located in the Nuremberg Reichswald or the ‘ imperial forest ‘ situated on the north part of the town. On the area of 67 hectares, there are more animals each season of the year.
A place that is not only for children but for adults also, who can learn much about less known animals from all over the world.


Nuremberg Parks: Zoo
Nuremberg Parks : zoo

Nuremberg Parks :

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