Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg Airport

Nuremberg airport got its name from one of the most important people in art in this city. It’s called ‘Albrecht Durer Flughafen Nürnberg‘ or the Albert Durer airport of Nuremberg. This is one of the International airports and one of the most important for travelers to the cargo that contains all kinds of goods. It connects major cities all around the world.

With 4,2 million passengers managed in 2017, this airport is the 10th airport by size and transporting people in Germany. Made after the Second World War, it was finished in 1955. It is located about 5 km from the center of the town and it has a great connection to the city center or any way you want to go.

If you are just passing through Nuremberg, it is the place to get to the Canary Islands, the Mediterranean Sea, and Egypt. There will be fewer crowds at the airport so you don’t need to wait as long as you would at most airports in Germany. In 1997/98, Air Berlin moved major flights during the winter cluster for those passengers that are only passing through Germany. This is the second-largest airport in the world that is being used for transferring tourists from Germany to other countries.

Back in the 1960s, there were over 100.000 passengers, when they decided to make the runway much longer than it was at the time. They predict that this number of people will only be longer.

The runway 10/20 is long 2,700 by 45 meters wide. Control tower center merges with Nuremberg’s metro station in 1999. That way passengers can get to the center of the city in the fastest way. In 2002 the departure hall was extended and not long after that, the storage place was extended too and now it is 4.600 square meters.

To this day it is enough, but due to common and widely used, it may widen again in the near future. This airport can handle 39 planes at one time. All of them can be parked here, and it still will be places for other airplanes.
In 2009 was added 8.500 square meters of sorting luggage space was added to the airport, fully automated for sorting all kinds of luggage from all parts of the world.

After making the runway longer and wider, here now can take off and land all types of plains even cargo plains and the Boeing 747 which is one of the larger plains in the world. On the other hand, this airport still doesn’t have a license for plains like Airbus A380. Every year the number of people that come here is getting bigger so the runway was gradually renovated along with taxiways that were added in 2009. Along with that there was added drainage from rain, electrical cables made safer, and the fire-path made for safe emergency exit.

At the airport, they have 40 desks, where everyone will be more than glad to help the passenger with whatever they need. Having over 5 million passengers during the year, this airport is ready for everything. Passengers terminal had just one but with the number of people which is decreasing, the city had to make the other terminal.

Nuremberg Airport
Airport Nuernberg, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Then was made those 40 check-ins desk for a large number of passengers.
That is why the U-Bahn or the metro comes through here and goes to the center of Nuremberg every 10 minutes. If you want to rent a car, there is only 5 km that will get you to the center of the city. Bus number 30 is also the option and the other number 33, that will lead you straight to the city, without circling around the whole town.

Cargo Center Nuremberg was added in 1987. It was necessary to make Cargo Center after the crush of the Soviet Union when the Nuremberg airport was once again made the center of Europe for landing a large number of flights for the people as well as for the cargo airplanes. With that in mind over 150.000 companies use this airport for economic reasons. But the economy is not the only reason why companies choose to land here. The city of Nuremberg had the best-organized junction near the airport to the railway and land traffic and highways. With more than 40 percent is approximately export that goes through this part of Germany.

With that number of flights, they had to make Cargo Center II. Now there are 13.317 square meters of space for the storage of all kinds of goods and services. Also, there is 7.000 square meter of office spaces and the absolute record was 2010 when there was 107.123 tons of cargo.
The Control Tower of this airport is 48 meters high. That change was needed because the old tower was only 18 meters high.
Being seen from far away this airport is also one of the landmarks of the city of Nuremberg. Great in architecture, the Nuremberg airport is best seen when the airplane takes out in the sky.

Where is the Airport?

Here is the location of Nuremberg Airport:

Nuremberg Airport Parking

If you need a parking space, there are also a lot of thoughts implemented, because everyone likes the comfort of their cars. At Nuremberg airport, there are more than 8.800 parking spaces. There are three parking lots so, besides these 8.800 parking spaces, there is a lot of spaces for parking right beside the terminals, which have less time to spend there, and a new lot was made and it can hold 2.200 more parking spaces in 3 layer parking underground.

For parking, you also have more than just one solution. There is ‘BusinessParken’ that has one price, and only business people can park here because they are always on the run. The second one is ‘UrlauberParken’ or the holiday parking space and the third option is Valet Parking that offers many more than you should hope for, but it tells a story that everyone here is more than welcome in the city of Nuremberg.
Valet parking includes services like cleaning and washing your car, while you are away, the offer car maintenance and for those who are afraid of being robbed, they have a service for safekeeping customer’s goods.

Airline’s trough Nuremberg

There is a large number of airlines that use this airport for landing, making a pause, or just getting new people to get to the end of the flight.

There are them:
Aegean Airlines, Air France, Air France Hop, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Vueling Airlines, Tailwind Airlines, Ryanair, Sun Express, Swiss International Air Lines, Corendon Airlines, Bulgarian Air Charter, British Airways, Bulgarian Air Charter, KLM ( Royal Dutch Airlines ), Lufthansa ( Deutsche Lufthansa AG ), Onur Air, Tui fly Deutschland, Pegasus Airlines, etc..

Destinations to fly Via Nuremberg

There are three options when the flys to this city. There are Seasonal, Seasonal Charter flights and Regular flights that come here every week or twice a week, some of them are even daily flights. When talking about regular standard flights, there are Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport, Lyon, Vienna, Amsterdam, Warsaw-Chopin Airport, Frankfurt, Munich, Istambul-Shabika, Palermo, Palma De Majorca, Thessaloniki, Antalya, Zurich, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria Airport, Marsa Alam International Airport, Istambul, Barcelona, etc..

Among the Seasonal flights, there are Sofia, Corfu International Airport, Heraclion International Airport, Kos International Airport, Rhodes Internationa Airport, Izmir, Atalaya Airport, Adana, Ankara, Bodrum, Dalaman Airport, Ibiza, Palma De Mallorca, Tel Aviv, etc..
The third group is Seasonal Charter flights which include cities like Antalya, Dubai-Al Maktoum International Airport, Hurghada International Airport, Marsa Alam International Airport, Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, Burgas Airport, Varna Airport, and many other.

While waiting in Nuremberg Airport

There is a lot to do at Nuremberg Airport while waiting. We don’t need to mention that every surface there is spotlessly clean, so you don’t need to worry much about who was sitting in your seat before you. If traveling with kids, there is a Hotel at the airport where bigger families can take a longer rest, according to their traveling flights. This place is so big, that you can have a conference and you can have rooms for those who can not get back to their land on the same day.

If you are waiting for a shorter time, you can have a small snack, but if you are really hungry, some people say that this airport has one of the best restaurants in the whole city. From sandwiches to REVE to go, where you can also find other kinds of snacks and salads. Good restaurant food you can find at Terminal90.

If you get to go to Nuremberg to spend the long weekend or your whole holiday, the best time to do it is during Christmas Holidays. This is a special and magical time of the year, and everyone wants to be here during their magnificent celebration. These winter Christmas Holidays are being canceled due to Covid-19, and it’s the first time from the 16th century, except from the two wars that happen here. But it is not the only time of the year when you can have a great time spending a holiday. If you come during the summer you will also have a great time.

Note: Today, hopefully not for much longer, due to Covid-19 every passenger has to have a negative Corona Test, and the temperature is taken on the spot before you enter this airport.

Nuremberg Airport Location: Flughafenstraße 100, 90411 Nürnberg, Germany
Phone number: +49 911 93700
Cargo space: 8.336 million kg
Nuremberg Airport Code: NUE

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