Photos of Nuremberg

Photos of Nuremberg: Marriage Carousel Nuremberg
Photos of Nuremberg: The “Marriage Carousel” created by Prof. Jurgen Weber, according to a poem by Hans Sachs in 1541: “Bitter-Sweet Married Life.”

The famous ‘Ehekarussell’ was made by Jürgen Weber, and it’s been finished in 1981. Since the first day, ‘The marriage Carousel’ had all kind of reactions, but no one that seen this fountain left the place without many things on their mind. Especially the married people, who are still together, when you look up close enough, you will see that many o the situations, and animals presented in this sculpture has its purpose. The first idea was to cover the shaft that looked ugly, especially at this place. 
The job was handed over and The Ehekarussell was made. 
Many of them who had seen it already, surely has their own opinion about this fountain. It starts off with the young couple playing together, innocently enough. Then, the story starts to unfold, and frame by frame, it depicts the most common of the situations that can and more than that, in many cases, it is the real mirror of what two people can come across and go through their lives, until the end itself, where the scenes became spooky and scary, but sometimes, it is almost like that sometimes. At the end, where both of them are almost just bones, they are still at each other’s throats, where below on the concrete is written ”Until death do us apart‘.

Marriage Carousel
Photos of Nuremberg: The Marriage Carousel Fountain – Nuremberg, Germany

Fountain, made in a circle, describes fazes through which almost every married couple goes during the lifetime. For those who have the courage, the circle is a pretty familiar picture that begins with the goat that plays around, trying to get out of the circle, then courtship with the trumpet, then the new couple, with their kids in a feathers of a crane, living the most happiest of days in both lives. In a continuing bliss, where nothing changes, comes the boredom, which is being filled with overeating and indulging in one’s cravings. In the later years to come, there are some, he tries to keep her on the track, which is represented by the man pulling his wife with the chain, while they both are standing on the backside of the swan.
In the end, on iguana’s back, they are almost skeletons, but it doesn’t stop them to strangle each other, which represent the end of the circle.
Of course, that doesn’t apply to all the marriages, but there are those of people who can relate. 
The best time to see this fountain is in the summer. Besides, there are a lot more fountains to see, and some of them don’t work during the winter, because of the freezing water, so summer is great here too.  

Heilig-Geist-Spital Nuremberg
Photos of Nuremberg: Heilig-Geist-Spital, Spitalgasse, am Hans-Sachs-Platz. The hospital was endowed by the Nuremberg merchant Konrad Gross in 1331. It served as lodging for the old and needy who, in return, had to pray for the soul of the benefactor several times a day. From 1424 to 1796 the Imperial Crown Jewels (crown, orb, sceptre) were kept here. — Building On The Water.

This building on the bridge keeps many secrets. Besides being the hospital, the door of this place was open for the poor and homeless people, who didn’t have any means to support themselves. In rude translation, this can be called ‘The Hospital of the Holy Spirit’, where people did worship for many years. Konrad Gross was the position, and had great wealth, so, being scared of what comes after life, he wanted from all the people who made their home this place, to worship before every meal, and during every single spare moment. He thought that it was the way to enter heaven, so he invested everything by the end of his life to this hospital, and for the remaining people, who didn’t have a place to go, went there, even after his death, and prayed for him and his soul. 
After the war, the tradition of leaving worthly peace of art here made it a practice, but after the WW II, the whole passage was rebuilt, along with the hospital, this is now a pedestrian zone, and on the river is a restaurant where you can find a delicious meal. 

Photos of Nuremberg

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Keeping some things as they once were was a tough job for the people of Nuremberg, this town was so devastated by the Second World War, that almost nothing has left, and everything had to be rebuilt. Now, after just a few decades, the clash of old with the new worked magic for this town and everyone living in it. Not to mention every tourist that visits here is leaving with the memories for a lifetime.
In the Old Town of Nuremberg are still colourful houses, made partly of wood, and the facade is always a different colour than the wood around it.
Churches are a big part of the town, and they were all renovated after the war, so now they have a stunning look, again. 
The beauties of all are the little shops that make homemade products, like cookies made from honey and almonds, so their distinct taste can be related only to this part of the country. 
In the winter, there is a Christmas Market, when all the streets smell like cookies and wine, and their Chrismas Angel is a story for remembering. Enjoy!

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